The Six Step Process Live Virtual Event – September


September 29th, 10am – 12pm MT

The Six-Step Process Live Virtual Training is instructor-led training that leads to real results. The instructor leads you through the six-step process that you and your team can use to quickly and effectively solve any problem. If leading a team, create clear accountability, clear plans, and identifiy who is going to do what by when. In the live format, you can ask questions, get feedback, engage with other participants, and practice the skills you learn. Organizations, teams, & individuals report that these habits have directly contributed to better results, faster results, improved team communication, improved morale, and greater retention.

The presenter for this event is CEO Rob Shallenberger. The live virtual course is 3-4 hours. Your purchase comes with a 6-Step Planning Process Participant Guide, 6-Step Planning Process Templates, and more.

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This course equips you with the process and tools to work through any challenge and get fast and effective results. Are you currently winging your problem solving? Does your organization wing problem solving? No more winging it with a proven process to effectively tackle any challenge. The six-step process gives you a fast and powerfully effective way to plan, create solutions, and take action. When used as a team, the six-step process puts a plan in hand of who will do what by when to solve the problem. You get a clear plan, clear accountability, clear communication, and fast results.

In this live course, you get the benefit of instructor-student interaction. Ask questions. Get feedback. Benefit from peer-to-peer interaction. Life will be much smoother after this course, guaranteed.