The Six Step Process Live Virtual Event – November 2024

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Event Session: November 13th – 14th, 11am – 1pm MT Daily
Presenter: Rob Shallenberger

The Six-Step Process Live Virtual Training is an instructor-led training that leads to real results. The instructor leads you through the six-step process you and your team can use to quickly and effectively solve any problem. The Six-Step Process will help you effectively lead a team, create clear accountability, and identify who is doing what by when. In the live format, you can ask questions, get feedback, engage with other participants, and practice the skills you learn. Organizations, teams, and individuals report that this process directly contributed to better and faster results, improved team communication and morale, and greater retention.

The presenter for this event is CEO Rob Shallenberger. The live virtual course is 3-4 hours. Your purchase comes with a 6-Step Planning Process Participant Guide, 6-Step Planning Process Templates, and more.


This course equips you with the process and tools to work through any challenge and get fast and effective results. Are you currently winging your problem solving? Does your organization wing problem solving? No more winging it with a proven process to effectively tackle any challenge. The six-step process gives you a fast and powerfully effective way to plan, create solutions, and take action. When used as a team, the six-step process puts a plan in hand of who will do what by when to solve the problem. You get a clear plan, clear accountability, clear communication, and fast results.

In this live course, you get the benefit of instructor-student interaction. Ask questions. Get feedback. Benefit from peer-to-peer interaction. Life will be much smoother after this course, guaranteed.

  • Participant toolkit
  • Planning Templates
  • Live access to instructors, peer engagement, & instant feedback
  • A copy of the book Start With the Vision: Six Steps to Effectively Plan, Create Solutions, & Take Action
“The Six-Step Process provides a template to strategically map out how to overcome any challenge. There are very few playbooks that can be applied in every facet of life, and this is one to top them all.” —Dean Griess, Executive Learning Leader, Charles Schwab “The Six-Step Process has had a significant positive impact on my business. It has helped me through many tough multi-million-dollar obstacles. Rob and Steve have a way to enlighten you and help you turn hard business problems into win-win solutions.” —Cory Moore, Executive Vice President, Big-D Construction “Most people believe they know how to solve problems, but few people actually use a defined method or disciplined approach to problem-solving. In this training, Rob and Steve Shallenberger give you both. The Six-Step Process applies to any aspect of your life that you are looking to improve. This training does more than transform your approach to problem-solving, it transforms your results!” —Gary Marlowe, Fighter Pilot
  • Step 1 – Start With the Vision – change the mindset from problem-centric to solution-centric
  • Step 2 – What is the current reality?
  • Step 3 – Identify the root causes of potential gaps between the vision and current reality
  • Step 4 – How to find the best options
  • Step 5 – Develop and implement a plan of who will do what by when
  • Step 6 – Debrief and evaluate results
  • Case studies – review and evaluate
  • Application – use the six-step process right now to solve a specific challenge of yours
  • Modality – Online, instructor-led, peer engagement learning
  • Course Content – 2 sessions of instructor-led training (see schedule for dates & times)
  • Duration – 4 hours of online instruction, peer group activities, & feedback
  • Delivery options – Compatible with any electronic device
  • Included Participant Materials – a copy of Start With The Vision, online participant toolkit, planning templates, and completion certificate
At the organization and team level, below is a list of organizational challenges this training typically solves and reported skills and areas of improvement: Challenges Solved: 
  • Being “Stuck” in challenges
  • Failed projects
  • Missed deadlines & dropped balls
  • Team miscommunication
  • Team misalignment
  • Team conflict
  • Stressed, overworked individuals
  • Slow and poor project results
  • And more…
Skills and Areas of Improvement:
  • Problem-solving
  • Planning
  • Innovation
  • Execution
  • Teamwork
  • Engagement
  • Accountability
  • Leadership
  • Organizational and individual time management
  • Performance & productivity
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