The Founders Group

$57.00 / month

Each month join a live, intimate, and impactful group discussion led by one of the founders of Becoming Your Best Global Leadership. How often do you get to discuss your leadership growth and success with a global leader on the subject? This is a truly unique experience. Create accountability. Focus on one of the 12 Principles of Highly Successful Leaders each month and cover all 12 in a year. This is a program designed for strivers, high achievers, and those genuinely interested in pursuing and becoming their best. And the results will speak for themself.

Use code: 1FoundersGroup at checkout to get your first month for just $1.

What’s the investment? $1 to try your first month (with access to 3+ prior recordings) and $57 monthly thereafter. And, you can cancel anytime, no obligations; the Founders Group is a month-to-month service.


  • World-Class Coaching: Get the same life & success coach as global leaders, CEOs, NFL athletes, and millionaire entrepreneurs.
  • Live Training: 60 minutes of LIVE life coaching and high-performance training every month with Steve & Rob Shallenberger.
  • Current Content: Brand new content every single month, to keep you focused, confident, and achieving your life goals. Steve & Rob will cover the application of the 12 principles and 6-step process to current events as well (e.g., pivoting for COVID, going virtual, etc.)
  • Templates: Access to templates & downloads that empower you to lead with a vision, manage with a plan, do what matters most, be accountable, solve problems, seize opportunities, be accountable, and live a life by design.
  • IMMEDIATE ​Access: Access the first THREE months of coaching replays – ($171 worth of records), yours right now.
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed: You can get a refund within 30-days for your first month; if you change your mind, no questions asked. After the first month, you can cancel anytime (no refund on previous months).
  • FREE personal or small group coaching call: You get a complimentary personal or small group coaching call with one of our certified coaches after your first month!
  • ​Invite your Key Team Members: You can take this call personally, for your own personal development; or, you can invite your team and get private and personal instruction for your team! Such private instruction is a $2,000 add-on value, for FREE.
  • The Founders Group is only $57 per month! First month is only $1!
  • Plus (added value): You get the first three recordings ($171 value), FREE small group coaching call ($2,000), and a 30-day money-back satisfaction guarantee!
  • Cancel Anytime: no obligations, can cancel anytime
  • OUR GUARANTEE–you’ll get more out of life: You’ll achieve more, perform better, be more productive, improve your health, create better relationships, and get solutions to your problems and opportunities. Guaranteed.
  • Use code: 1monthcoachingtrial at checkout to get your first month for just $1.
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