Do What Matters Most Live Virtual Workshops (Copy)


Event Session: March 3rd – 4th, 10am – 12pm MT Daily

The Do What Matters Most Live Virtual Training is instructor-led training that leads to real results. The instructor leads you through the three highest performance habits you and your team can use to prioritize time and increase performance and productivity. Ask questions, engage with other participants, and practice the skills you learn. Effectively resolve task & cognitive overload, reduce stress, get clear focus, create work-life balance, and improve performance and productivity by 30-50% within 2-4 weeks. Organizations, teams, & individuals report that these habits have directly contributed to creating a high-performance culture.

The presenter for this event is CEO Rob Shallenberger. For more information, see his bio below.


Do What Matters Most Live Virtual training gives you instructor-led access to the proven time-management & productivity skills of top performers.

To meet the unique needs and demands of the modern learner, training solutions need to be engaging, accessible from any location, and most of all, effective. On all accounts, the Live Virtual training delivers. Ask questions, participate in individual and group activities, and get hands-on application to leading productivity tools with instant feedback from instructors. You achieve stress-free productivity with interaction that’s fun along the way!

And, of course, if you have any questions along the way, we’re here to help.

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