Have you ever wondered if you have what it takes to take your business to the next level? To get the results you’ve always wanted?

If so, it’s alright I understand that feeling.

After this event, that will change!

Many people try various programs only to be disappointed with their results.

I get it! It’s hard to sort through everything out there. It’s hard to find something that really works and that gives real solutions. That’s why, after four decades of research, we’ve identified specific actions you can take to speed up your success. These tactics will help you to build the business or team you’ve dreamed of.

On May 18th, we’re hosting a LIVE 1 day workshop in Portland, Oregon at the Airport Holiday Inn. This is the only public event in Portland this year.

Experience the transformational power of the 12 Principles of Highly Successful Leaders by reserving your seat to day!

What you will learn when you attend?

  • Specific tools to help you smash your previous sales targets
  • 22 ways to create a world-class customer experience for your customers and employees
  • How to set a vision, develop a plan, and manage your time
  • And the five steps every leader needs to know to lead a peak performing team

This LIVE event is a perfect, no-risk way to experience this life-changing content
By attending you will get the mindset and the skill set that separates great leaders from the pack!

What are your peers saying about Becoming Your Best?

Jerry Jones Jr., from the Dallas Cowboys said…

We found the ‘Becoming Your Best’ seminar to be extremely effective for our group. It is a fast paced interactive approach which brings great energy into the room. It was time well spent.

Alan Peters -Vice President of Wells Fargo Bank says…

This training was a game-changer!

Brenden from Dallas, Tx, a recent workshop attendee said…

The Becoming Your Best Seminar has truly changed the trajectory of my life and has given me a steady foundation to build upon. After the event, I considered why, how, and when I was going to ACT on the Becoming Your Best skills and tools! It did not take me long, (Around 2 months), to discover a new career opportunity, establish our family’s vision, and begin a 2nd side business.

I guarantee you will love this workshop. If not, we’ll refund 100% of your money!

When you attend, you’ll get:

  • A full participant guide filled with 35 different tools and processes
  • A copy of the National Bestselling book Becoming Your Best
  • A specific template you can use to create rhythm within your team and organization

Seating is limited and this Workshop sells out fast! The last Leadership Workshop in Salt Lake City Utah, sold out three weeks before the event…

You won’t find more expertise on leadership, success and developing winning teams anywhere else.

Don’t miss this opportunity. One of the things I hear all the time is people say that they wish they would have had these tools earlier and it would have saved them a huge amount of time and money.

Click here to reserve your seat today!



A little preview of what to expect…

Key Utah business leaders gathered at the Little America Hotel in Salt Lake City Utah on March 14th to learn about the key secrets smart and savvy leaders use to become their best selves and achieve sustainable success.

Many came to this event wondering if they had what it takes to take their business to the next level… After experiencing the transformational power of the 12 Principles of Highly Successful Leaders first hand, that all changed.


Reserve your seat today before time runs out!


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