Lead a life by design,
rather than by default!

How? With a custom planner made for your unique life
and simple time-management skills anyone can learn

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What’s Included?

Three Tools for Becoming Your Best
And Leading a Life by Design, Rather Than by Default!

A fully Customized Planner

Built by you, for you. You choose the cover, layout, schedule, career tools, goal templates, habit trackers, routine lists, project trackers, meal planners, and family tools to perfectly match your unique life.

$90 Value

Do What Matters Most Virtual Workshop

Learn three simple habits, that anybody and everybody can understand and use, to achieve 30-50% each week, with less stress, better health, and better relationships. With anytime, anywhere access!

$145 Value

Micro-Course on Top Time Management Skills

Use these simple time management skills to get the most out of your planner, your time, and by extension, your life.

$49 Value

Two Ways to Purchase,

And Your Satisfaction Guaranteed!

12 Interest-Free Payments

$5.99 for 12 months


What you get

One-Time Payment



What you get

Following your purchase, you’ll be given immediate access to the workshop, micro-course, and the page to build your planner.

The planner will print, ship, and arrive within 10 days.

Satisfaction Guarantee:

If you don’t absolutely love your planner, and if you don’t find life-changing value in the workshop and micro-course, let us know, and we’ll make it right.

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See How it Works! Build Your Own Planner

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