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Here are your tools and templates:

Tool #1: Mini-Course

To Do What Matters Most, practice “The Big 3” habits:

  1. Develop a written person vision (join the top 2% of high performers with clear focus and direction)
  2. Set roles and goals (create a plan and achieve the major milestones towards realizing your vision)
  3. Pre-Week Plan – the #1 skill of skills for productivity. Achieve 30-50% more with less stress, better health, and better relationships. This also takes your goals and vision into your weekly and daily schedule.

Click on the button below to find a series of short videos that walk you through each step (website and videos):

Tool #2: Vision & Goals Templates

When developing your written personal vision, here is a free vision and goals template (editable PDF) – you can use this same template for step 2 – set roles and goals.

We also included an example of a completed Vision and Roles and Goals template.

Tool #3: Tips & Best Practices

You will get three separate emails this week that walk you through the Do What Matters Most habits. These emails will include tips, templates, and best practices. We encourage you to read these emails carefully and use the templates to apply the habits. You will be joining the top 2% – 3% of high-performers who apply these habits.

Please watch for the three Do What Matters Most emails this week from support@becomingyourbest! And … the first one should be in your inbox in just a few minutes … get ready for it!

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