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The Purpose of the Chrome Extension

What is Pre-Week Planning

Pre-week planning is a simple way to look forward into your week, define & schedule your priorities first, get organized, be prepared, and successfully navigate the week. It transcends “to do” lists and transforms how you approach your week. Pre-week planning allows you to Do What Matters Most. The quantity and quality of what you do goes up while stress goes down. A recent study showed that after four weeks of pre-week planning a group of managers and executives were accomplishing 30-50 percent more while all reporting less stress. Pre-week planning additionally allows you to prioritize health, improve relationships, and avoid burnout. With pre-week planning, work-life balance comes naturally; without pre-week planning, it is a constant struggle and battle.

Extension tutorial
How to Use the Extension
How to Pre-Week Plan

And, you’ll quickly begin accomplishing 30-50 percent more with less stress. The key comes in planning out the week before the week starts. Set a consistent time each week when you will pre-week plan; this is the secret to successfully making this a habit.

How to click-and-drop

While google doesn’t allow “drag and drop” functionality, it does allow “click and drop” functionality. Once you’ve completed setting your key action items by role, click on the action item you want to schedule. Then, click where you want it in your schedule -- the event that “shows up” will have a matching title to your action tiem, so there’s no need to “re-enter” your priorities, just click and drop!

How to use the vision and goals section

This video give you a brief tutorial on how to use the vision and goals section of your chrome extension. Pre-week planning, by itself, is powerful for productivity, prioritizing health, and prioritizing relationships. When used in conjunction with your annual goals and written personal vision, it also aligns your daily action items with your purpose, your why, and makes achieving big goals natural and realistic. When you pre-week plan towards achieving goals and realizing your vision, you lead a life by design!

Contact us information and form

If you need help with your extension, have questions about bulk orders, or have other inquiries, please contact us at or use the form:

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Frequently Asked Questions & Troubleshooting

Absolutely. There are no obligations here.

If you’ve not already bought the extension, then this yellow bar directs you to where you can buy the extension. 

If you previously bought the extension, or just now bought the extension, and you still see this bar, there are a few possibilities as to why (and below is how to fix it):

-You bought the extension on a browser other than Chrome

-Your subscription expired and the card on file isn’t working

-You are part of a bulk order, and the bulk order expired

-You have existing cookies on your computer that are interfering with the extension

If you purchased the extension in a browser other than Chrome, then open this page and login to the account you created when you purchased the extension. By logging in, the site will connect your account to the Chrome Store so that you can access the extension. If after logging in, you still see the yellow bar, email us at and we can help reset this as well.

If you know that your card expired or that you were part of a bulk order that has expired, simply repurchase the extension using the link in the yellow bar.

If your payment information is current, you might be having an issue with your cookies. Try clearing your cookies and giving the extension a few minutes to reconnect. We’d love to walk you through this process as well or troubleshoot it for you — just email us at and we can help out.

If you’ve just purchased the extension, first make sure everything is working correctly. Go to and you should see a blue button in the top middle that says, “expand.” When you click that button, you should see the pre-week planning table. If that is working, next go to (within your chrome browser) — this will take you to your login page for outlook online. Login, find your calendar, and you should see the same blue box with the same functionality at the top of your calendar. Every event you schedule here will sync with all other outlook calendars, so you only need to use the online outlook calendar for your pre-week planning one time per week. If you’d like help with this, please email us at

Yes! In the very upper right hand corner of your Chrome Browser, you’ll see who’s logged into the chrome extension. This logged-in person’s extension and pre-week plan will always appear. If you want a different person who uses the same computer (e.g. a spouse) to see their own pre-week plan instead, they should open their own Chrome Browser window by clicking on the circular profile image at the very top right and scrolling down to “add other profile.” The other person on the computer will need to purchase their own extension (the extension is tied to each individual account, like each person owning their own physical planner).

This is a chrome extension that integrates with either your outlook or google calendar. This means you’ll need to be using your outlook or google calendar on a chrome browser for the extension to appear. Firefox, Safari etc. will not give you access to this Chrome extension, even if you open your outlook or google calendar in those browsers (because they’re not connected to the Chrome Extension backend). The extension is supported on Microsoft Edge, so if that’s your preferred browser, you’ll need to go to the Edge Extension store and add the extension there, and the extension should then work.

The subscriptions auto-renew; the annual and three year options notify you before they are going to renew and give you an easy cancel option so that you have no surprises.

If your extension just disappeared, here are the steps to take:

  1. Make sure that you’re logged into your browser (not your extension).

2. Make sure that you’re logged into your calendar and browser with the same google account.

3. Click on the small “puzzle piece” in the top right corner of your screen, select “manage extensions” and make sure that (1) you still have the extension in your extension library and (2) that the extension is “turned on” with the small toggle switch.

If you’ve checked the above and it still doesn’t work, then you may have a problematic cookie somewhere interfering with your extension; please contact us and we can quickly and easily help you find and clear the problematic cookie and reset your extension: Or, contact us if you’d like us to help you with any of the above steps.

For bulk orders, please email us at with a bulk order request. If you simply placed a bulk order online (ordered quantities of 2-500), please still email us. We’ll respond with instructions on how to get the extension to each person included with the bulk order and guide you through the process of getting them all access to the extension. You’re also welcome to call us at 888-690-8764. Thank you!

Email us to purchase this as a gift and we’ll set it up for you and the other person (their Chrome Browser needs to connect to the purchase, and we can set this up on our end). Please email us at and we’ll manually process a gift order for you.

If you have been a coaching client, certified trainer, or if you’ve purchased certain products from our store previously, you may already have an account within our system. Alternatively, you may have simply chosen a “username” that is already being used by another person. Follow the prompts to reset your password if you already have an account. If you accidentally chose a username that is already in use, try a different username. Then proceed to checkout. If you’d like help getting into your account, we can also manually help you with this process, simply call or email us at or – callers can use 888-690-8764. Thank you!

Yes, simply go into the chrome extension purchase page, purchase the annual or three-year option, and you’ll be upgraded to that plan.

Do you need help with your Chrome Extension?

We’re here and available to help, email us at
or or feel free to call us at 888-690-8764

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