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Would you like to lead a comprehensive and highly-interactive leadership development program for your organization? Becoming Your Best training is not only powerful, relevant, and engaging—it’s also simple and fun to deliver.

The train-the-trainer process allows organizations to customize training to meet their specific needs – whether you’re training a single team within your company or your entire workforce.

As a certified trainer, you become a part of a world-class community with access to robust resources and personalized support. What this means to you is that you can rest well at night knowing you have a library of tools and quick support to help you deliver the best experience possible for your team.

As a certified trainer, this is just the beginning. You’ll continue to get new tips, ideas, and tools you can use to coach and train others throughout your organization. You can go back and deliver this great content to your staff again and again in the method that makes the most sense for your organization.

12 Principles

Why Is BYB Certification So Different?

Many companies ask what makes the Becoming Your Best Training Certification unique? The difference is we listened to you! Companies around the world have been asking for a flexible, modular approach that can be customized for their team and schedule.

While the program format is designed for a two-day course, you can customize the amount of time your team is in the classroom based on their availability. Trainers can teach each of the modules independently or in sequence/out of sequence, depending on your development priorities and time constraints. So whether you have two days or two hours, you can decide what content to share with your team to get the biggest impact and deliver the highest ROI.

What to expect from the Trainer Certification

  • Get access to all the videos, slides, examples, and content to deliver a world-class experience for your team.
  • Review and identify areas where you need additional help.
  • Customize the experience for your team with a multi-day, one-day, or modified training guide.
  • Develop appropriate personal examples and exercises.
  • Learn to listen and engage your audience in a way that encourages maximum impact and class participation.
  • Develop a specific plan to integrate, roll out, and evaluate the results of the training within your organization.
  • Participate in a quarterly train-the-trainer call to stay up to date on the latest content.
  • Receive a supplemental trainers guide with additional ideas and activities.

How To Become Certified?

Next Certification Courses:

April 18-20, 2018  – Homestead Resort — Midway, Utah

October 10-12, 2018 – Homestead Resort — Midway, Utah

You will attend a BYB Breakthrough Leadership Conference as part of your certification. You will meet the evening prior and several hours after the conference to get additional ideas and tips on how you can facilitate to get the biggest impact with your team. Participants generally arrive early Wednesday afternoon and depart Saturday afternoon.

Wednesday’s facilitator orientation session will take place from 7:00 pm – 8:00 pm.

Friday’s facilitators session will take place from 4:30 – 6:30 pm.

* For teams of seven (7) or more, we can come to you to certify you at your location. For customized Train-the-Trainer requests, please contact us at 888-690-8764 and ask for Jamie.

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