Episode 209 – The 12 Principles of a Highly Successful Marriage or Relationship

Steve Shallenberger: A quick message for you: We wanted to let you know that the Becoming Your Best 2020 Planner has arrived and, as you’re starting to set your sights on having an extraordinary year in 2020, this planner will be a tremendous resource for you. We want to let you know that, particularly this year, […]

Episode 199 – The Ultimate Source of Influence

Steve Shallenberger: Welcome to the Becoming Your Best podcast, wherever you may be in the world today. This is Steve Shallenberger, your host, and I’m excited today to talk about the ultimate source of influence. This is really living and teaching the principles of Becoming Your Best and the real purpose is building high-performance people […]

Episode 198 – How to Leave a Legacy of Greatness

Rob Shallenberger: Hello, friends, and welcome back to the Becoming Your Best Podcast. This is Rob Shellenberger, and I’m excited that you’re able to join us today and that we have the chance to visit for a few minutes. I wanted to talk just briefly on this podcast about something that applies to every one of us, […]

Episode 183 – Live to Work vs Work to Live

Hello Becoming Your Best family, friends, wherever you’re at in the world! This is your host, Rob Shallenberger, and welcome! I hope you’re having a fabulous day! This podcast is going to focus on something that’s a little bit different. It’s going to be very much in line with Becoming Your Best and things you’ve […]