Breakthrough Entrepreneur Conference

Join Us for an Experience of a Lifetime
Salt Lake City, Utah
September 12-13, 2019

There is a specific set of skills that successful entrepreneurs have. They take an idea and build it into a profitable reality, yet most entrepreneurs never learn these critical skills and continue to struggle towards their dreams. Serial entrepreneur Steve Shallenberger, successfully built eleven businesses from the ground up in three separate industries.  Steve and his team will share the six keys you need to know to be a successful entrepreneur and live the life you’ve always dreamed.

Create Winning Ideas
Take an idea from inception and grow it into a successful product or service.
Turn Your Idea into a Thriving Business
Develop a clear vision, plan, USP, and KPI's to track and measure progress.
Stay Ahead of Unknown Threats to your Plan
Have access to an e-book filled with tools that every entrepreneur should have.
Learn From Other Like-Minded Entrepreneurs
Learn from other experiences to prevent a lot of future headaches.
Attract Loyal Customers
Identify 23 ways to create a loyal customer and a sustainable revenue stream.
Avoid Costly Mistakes
Identify how to hire the right employees and protect yourself from costly mistakes.
Connect with Steve's Most Trusted Partners & Resources
From web design to lawyers—we’ve got a list of people who’ve earned our trust.
Effectively Balance Your Hectic Schedule & Precious Time
Implement five techniques to prioritize your time, manage stress, and sleep well at night.
Accomplish Your Biggest Goals & Dreams
Wake up every morning excited, refreshed, and filled with hope and happiness.


Early Stage Entrepreneur
You’re in the early stages of growth and working towards your dream, wondering if you’re going to make it.
The Seasoned Entrepreneur
You have an idea, but you’re not sure what to do with that idea and where to start.
The Start-up Entrepreneur
You’ve grown and proven your idea. Now, technology is changing at a rapid pace and right now there is someone thinking about how they can put you out of business. You’ll gain additional tools and skillsets to protect and grow your business to be the disruptor rather than being disrupted.
The Future Entrepreneur
Anyone who wants to start a new company, enterprise, direct marketing organization, or launch a new product or service.
Team Members
Employees of any sized business or corporation who you want to think and act like an entrepreneur to help grow your company.

Why You Should Attend

Meet Steve & Rob Shallenberger and discover how Entrepreneur Success Bootcamp can help you start growing your business immediately.

Success Stories

Laura Nestler
“Because of you, I feel refreshed, inspired and motivated to do great things. I feel I hav..."
Laura Nestler
Rukundo Sebasore Eric
“After attending the Bootcamp, I organized five workshops for a youth initiative called Br..."
Rukundo Sebasore Eric
Bright Future Cornerstone
Blake Roney
“Steve masterfully teaches how to blend all of the variables that you control, with eterna..."
Blake Roney
Bob Marquardt
“Becoming Your Best provides simple, yet compelling, strategies to dramatically improve yo..."
Bob Marquardt
Management & Training Corporation
Diane Venner
“The type of stuff you talked about is rarely discussed in the business world, yet it cove..."
Diane Venner
Intercontinental Trust
An Unforgettable Experience
In the Majestic Utah Mountains
Salt Lake City Marriott City Center
September 12-13, 2019
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Discover the excitement of Salt Lake City by staying at the Salt Lake City Marriott City Center Hotel. Located near the heart of the city, this hotel offers upscale amenities and easy access to the area's most popular attractions. SLC’s premier shopping, dining, and entertainment district is only a short walk away.

Swimming & Fitness Center
Enjoy the pool and exercise equipment.
Located in the Heart of Salt Lake City
Enjoy premier shopping, dining, and entertainment.
Only Minutes From the Airport
Drive or take TRAX light rail for easy access.
Restaurants & Bakeries
Enjoy top-rated restaurants on site or choose from dozens within a 5 minute walk.

Salt Lake City Marriott City Center

Salt Lake City Marriott City Center, 220 South State Street, Salt Lake City, Utah 84111, USA

Salt Lake City Marriott City Center
220 South State Street,
Salt Lake City, Utah 84111, USA
4 Minutes from City Creek Center
15 Minutes from Salt Lake City Intl. Airport
35 Minutes from World Famous Mountain Resorts

Frequently Asked Questions

Any traditional or internal entrepreneurs should attend this event. Internal entrepreneurs are usually not senior managers, but could make a big difference in their organization by having an entrepreneurial spirit. Traditional entrepreneurs are those working to grow and strengthen a business they own or run.
This event will be from 8:30am-5:00pm on Thursday and Friday.
Lunch is provided on Thursday and Friday for all participants. Many restaurants and cafes are located around the hotel for breakfast and dinner.
Downtown SLC is only minutes from the airport. The Marriott Hotel is accessible by TRAX Light Rail and the nearest station is "GALLIVAN PLAZA STATION" The fare is $2.50 and the airport train station is in Terminal 1. Public transportation is free in the downtown area. If you drive, on-site parking, fee: 4 USD hourly, 17 USD daily, valet parking, fee: 22 USD daily Hotel.
Absolutely. We want to have them there and they’ll make your organization a stronger one as they implement what they learn.
No, but some topics may sound familiar. The material covered in the Entrepreneur Success Bootcamp is unique and taught solely at this event. A few topics of discussion, such as the 6 Step Process, are also discussed in the Breakthrough Leadership Conference, but not to the extent of this event.
No. Whether you are the owner of a business or working for a large corporation, you’ll benefit from attending this event. The fact you are even looking at this page illustrates you have some “entrepreneurial spirit” and that is what we are more interested in.
Business casual is appropriate. You may wish to bring a jacket to the training room for comfort.
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