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  • Dave Petersen | Creating a Culture of Trust

    Not many CEOs can claim that they have worked in every department at their company, but our guest today is the exception. After nearly 33 years with O.C. Tanner, Dave Petersen is now the CEO and president of the company and he has truly proven himself to be a dedicated and inspirational leader. Dave looks...

  • Dorothy Russell | Leading & Serving at 91 Years Old

    Today’s guest reminds us that being a true leader is not always about position, title, or power; it is about influence. Along with her late husband, Gardner Russell, she has served as a civic, political, business, and social leader across the Americas throughout her illustrious life. Even today at ninety-one years young, Dorothy manages numerous...

  • Kevin Clayson | Flipping the Gratitude Switch

    Gratitude is a word that is too often reserved for this time of year when we start to reflect on our progress, but today’s guest is working hard to make gratitude a part of our daily lives. Kevin Clayson is not only a close friend but he is also a proud husband and father, an...

  • Lead With A Vision

    The difference between a clear and defining vision and not having a vision at all can be a game changer for a business. But how many people have visions that extend beyond their business or professional life into their personal lives? In our experience, not a whole lot. Before you even consider developing goals or...

  • Danny Brassell | Why Leaders Are Readers

    Today’s guest has helped people from all walks of life, from kindergartners to rocket scientists, achieve more, overcome adversity, and give back through his dynamic and engaging speeches. As the son of a librarian, Danny hated reading, but today he is called America’s leading reading ambassador. Dr. Danny Brassell comes from a background that encouraged...

  • James Malinchak | Millionaire Success Secrets

    Today’s guest is the master marketer, motivational speaker, and millionaire, James Malinchak. At his first job as a financial consultant in LA, rather than keep his head down, James approached the most successful people in his firm and invited them out to lunch. This strategy has led him to become the leader that he is...


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