Breakthrough Leadership Conference

An Experience that will Change Your Life!
Guatemala City, Guatemala
December 5-6, 2018

Many leaders wonder how to take their teams and organizations to the next level. We understand how difficult it can be to create a highly profitable and sustainable business. That’s why we created the Breakthrough Leadership Conference, to empower teams and leaders with the mindset and skillset to crush their goals and dominate the competition. This powerful two-day conference will give attendees a turn-key solution to align their team, accelerate results, and build a highly successful organization!  

Learn Critical Leadership Skills
Apply the 12 Principles of Highly Successful Leaders to every area of your life.
Solve Your Most Complex Problems & Challenges
Use the six step process to solve even the most complex problems and challenges.
Take Your Business to the Next Level
Learn a simple and powerful approach to grow your team and organization.
Avoid the Mediocrity Trap
Discover what high achievers do to breakthrough mediocrity and achieve their dreams.
Build Trust and Attract Loyal Customers
Identify ways to create rewarding relationships and a fiercely loyal customer base.
Align Your Team and Organization
Use a proprietary process to strategically align your organization from top to bottom.
Effectively Balance Your Hectic Schedule & Precious Time
Practice four steps to prioritize your time, reduce stress, and find balance.
Create a High-Performance Culture
Learn how to create a high-performance culture with your team.
Plan & Execute Effectively
No more New Years Resolutions. Create an actionable plan to achieve your vision.

Why Invest In Yourself and Your Team?

Develop a step-by-step Plan on how to transform your business and increase results.
Learn how to ignite a fire in your employees and create behavioral change.
Use the Strategic Alignment Model™ to increase engagement and productivity.
Identify specific ways to improve communication, trust, accountability, and time-management skills throughout your organization or family.
Learn a proven blueprint to create a continuous improvement process with your team.

Why you should attend the conference…

Success Stories

Jason Hanson
“This is fantastic. I’ve learned so many things that are going to change my business, especi..."
Jason Hanson
Spy Escape and Evasion
Brian Hancock
“I feel like everyone in my personal and professional life could benefit from this conference...."
Brian Hancock
Advice Media
Gary Jensen
“Establishing a vision was a significant thing for me. Thank you so much. I highly recommend t..."
Gary Jensen
Central Bank
Betrand Abraham
“This was the most inspiring event we’ve ever attended. It was lively, interactive, and got ..."
Betrand Abraham
Velogic Ltd.
Suzanne Oliver
“Learning about Pre-Week planning was a significant thing for me and Mountain America Cred..."
Suzanne Oliver
Mountain America Credit Union
An Unforgettable Experience
In beautiful Guatemala City.
Hotel Adriatika
December 5-6, 2018
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Enjoy your stay at the Adriatika Hotel, located in bustling Guatemala City.

Swimming & Sauna
Take advantage of the pool, sauna to relax after a day of travel and meetings.
Wi-Fi, LED televisions and room service.
Enjoy complimentary Wi-Fi, LED televisions and room service.
Fitness Center
Stay fit, and energized in the fitness center.
Restaurant & Lounge
Markis Restaurant and Epik Lounge make it easy to enjoy great food or unwind over cocktails without having to leave the hotel

Guatemala City, Guatemala

Hotel Adriatika
4 Avenida 20-44 Zona 14
Guatemala, Guatemala, C.A.
EUROPLAZA WORLD BUSINESS CENTER- This world-class business center is home to Guatemala City’s most prestigious corporations.
ZONA VIVA- By day, this upscale, cosmopolitan district hums with a businesslike tempo. Once the sun sets, the stylish restaurants, bars and nightclubs sparkle to life with a rhythm all their own.
NATIONAL MUSEUM OF MODERN ART-This stunning museum is home to the finest local collections of Modern Art. It includes works by the surrealist Manolo Gallardo as well as the works by Carlos Merida.

Frequently Asked Questions

Check-in for the event starts at 8:00 am on Wednesday. The main event is from 8:30am-4:00pm on Wednesday and 8:30am-4:00pm on Thursday.
Lunch is provided on Wednesday and Thursday for all participants.
Coming Soon
Absolutely. Your leaders and employees will have an incredible experience to help transform your results.
Business casual is appropriate. Please check the weather before arriving to ensure you are prepared for the temperature and weather.
Go to, call, or email T: + (502) 2496-2222 | USA: (786) 360-7103 | ​​
A laptop is not necessary for the Breakthrough Leadership Conference, but you are welcome to use one as long as it is not a distraction to you.
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