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  • WhereCosta Rica

  • WhenMarch 23-24, 2020

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Empowering You to Reach Your Next Level

Many wonder how to take their life, team, and organization to the next level. We understand how difficult it can be to breakthrough performance barriers and solve your biggest obstacles and challenges. That’s why we created the Breakthrough Leadership Conference, to empower you with the mindset and skillset to effectively achieve your goals and have the biggest impact possible. This powerful two-day conference will give you a turn-key solution to align your life and team, accelerate results, and build a highly successful organization! Attendees often invite a spouse or partner because of the life-changing personal and professional impact.

  • Learn Critical Leadership Skills

    Apply the 12 Principles of Highly Successful Leaders to every area of your life.
  • Solve Your Most Complex Problems & Challenges

    Use the six step process to solve even the most complex problems and challenges.
  • Take Your Business to the Next Level

    Learn a simple and powerful approach to grow your team and organization.
  • Avoid the Mediocrity Trap

    Discover what high achievers do to breakthrough mediocrity and achieve their dreams.
  • Build Trust and Attract Loyal Customers

    Identify ways to create rewarding relationships and a fiercely loyal customer base.
  • Align Your Team and Organization

    Use a proprietary process to strategically align your organization from top to bottom.
  • Effectively Balance Your Hectic Schedule & Precious Time

    Practice four steps to prioritize your time, reduce stress, and find balance.
  • Create a High-Performance Culture

    Learn how to create a high-performance culture with your team.
  • Plan & Execute Effectively

    No more New Years Resolutions. Create an actionable plan to achieve your vision.

Why Invest in Success?

You and Your Team will…

Develop a step-by-step Plan on how to transform your business and increase results.

Ignite a fire in your employees and create behavioral change.

Use the Strategic Alignment Model™ to increase engagement and productivity.

Identify specific ways to improve communication, trust, accountability, and time-management skills throughout your organization or family.

Learn a proven blueprint to create a continuous improvement process.

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